Finding the Real YOU .... Again ....
A Return to Being YOU!

Change your life and get back to your truth at the deepest level.
The secrets of your health challenges are waiting for you to
Re-discover the Real You . . . . Again.

This is your invitation to join me on your Journey of JOY.

Where is the REAL YOU?
Where did YOU go?
Who were YOU?
How has your life changed?
How do you Return to Being the Real YOU?

Are you looking for a change in your health and your life?
Are you trying to get back to your truth and heal at the deepest level?

Change your Life 
* Discover the secrets to changing your health and changing your life
* Learn the root cause of all your ailments, aches and pains
* Discover the symptoms, emotions and feelings that are causing your health challenges
* Create a safe space and discover the emotions and feelings that have been holding you back
* Change your health. Change your life.
* Set new goals for yourself to heal and enjoy life the way it was meant to be

May 10, 17, 24, 31
Just $99.00

Four Wednesday Evenings
We will share our JOY together
beginning at 6 PM with healthy snacks and beverages
Gatherings begin at 7 PM
in Camp Verde
(L:ocation and directions after regestering)
Commit to changing your life forever, healing your body and
getting to the root causes of why we have illnesses.
These Gatherings are not for everyone.
This is an intense and deep commitment for those attending.
Only eight spots are available.
It will be life changing.

Are you are worth the commitment?

Join me on our Journey of JOY!!
Finding the Real You . . . again. A Return to Being YOU.
 Are you ready? 

Register Here

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