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inding JOY through art, play, dance, music, song, gathering, sharing and the celebration of YOU.
This is where we create a sacred space to grow, learn, heal, release
and connect with new Sis-Stars.

Our next Gathering is September 19, 2018

6 PM
Joy-Share Pot Luck
(Bring a healthy dish, nothing spicy)
7 PM
Let's Talk About Forgiveness - Part 2
and The Empowered Woman
Love Donation:

Do you have difficulty in letting go of what hurts you?
Did you know that holding on to hurt only effects you, not them?
And holding on can cause many illnesses in your body.
You can decide to forgive them or hold on to the hurt, anger,
guilt, shame and pain forever. 
OR consider this: 
"To forgive is to set a prisoner free, and discover
that the prisoner was YOU."

~ Lewis B. Smedes ~

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JOYful Gatherings

During the Gatherings, we support one another,
meditate together, sing, dance, listen and speak.
Our extended family of loving women stay connected consciously
and meaningfully with self-healing, self-awareness and self-love in this safe space.
We make deep connections, getting clear about what we want in our lives,
and learn from one another as we seek more JOY in every area of our lives.
So, come with an open heart and mind as we walk together
on the pathway of discovering a deeper knowledge of ourselves.

Workshops and Events

Let's Have a Tea Party!

Bring your Inner Child and let's play.


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